How to Start Using Digital Currency
You need to prepare an online location to store your digital currency. Through various online wallet services, you can store and transfer digital currency. Wallet software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, or through various mobile applications for Android and iOS. Digital software for storing currency is also available, but requires a more complicated set-up compared to online wallet services.
Digital Online Wallet

This wallet is hosted in a web server so that a user can access it via the Internet. Digital online wallets provide various types of control features so even beginners can learn how to use the system easily.

Digital Software Wallet

A software version of a digital currency wallet is available that requires a special setup. Usually this option is preferred by more skilled users. The software is available for all types of operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Java software can be operated in all platforms.

Digital App Wallet

A digital wallet application is available on the Google Play marketplace. This app works with a block chain. It is available for download, or can be accessed through your mobile device’s internet browser.